Enrollment Information

Is my child ready to enroll in this program?

Most children are ready for a Montessori Primary classroom around the age of 3. We accept children as young as 2.5 years of age at the beginning of a school year. Mid-year admission is also considered, space permitting.
Maine Mountain Children’s House allows children to explore the materials in the classroom while respecting self, others, and the environment.  When your child is ready to go to school, they should demonstrate a basic level of independence and verbal skills that will allow them to feel successful in a classroom that promotes “freedom within limits”.  Children ready to attend MMCH should be able to follow simple directions and also have the verbal skills to communicate their needs with others.  Your child should be able to use the toilet and dress themselves, with minimal help from adults. (Occasional accidents are OK).  
Prospective parents are encouraged to visit our school and observe the classroom during a typical school day. This is a great way to know if MMCH will be a good fit for your child. 
Once you have decided that your child may be ready for school, use the following steps to start the enrollment process.

1.  Appointment for a Tour/Visit

The first step in our enrollment process is for you to make an appointment to visit our classroom. Please call us at (207) 491-2596 to set up a convenient time. We request that this first visit be  “adults only."  This allows you, as a parent, to assess the school, observe our classroom, and decide if the Montessori method for the right fit for your child. This meeting is typically about 30-45 minutes long, but we can take as long you'd like!

2. Child Visit

After visiting our classroom, we will plan a follow-up visit with your child.  This child visit is approximately 45-60 minutes. If needed, parents are welcome to escort your child to the classroom and stay for a few minutes until they can be engaged in a classroom activity.  This allows the school’s teaching staff to work with and observe the child in the Montessori classroom environment.  Parents are encouraged to return to the classroom after about 45-60 minutes to pick up their child and check in with the lead teacher about the visit.  

3.  Enrollment in our Program

If  you are looking for immediate enrollment, we make ongoing decisions based on openings in our classroom.  For enrollment for the next school year, we begin accepting students in May, after our current students have gone through their re-enrollment process in April.  

Once both parents and children have visited the school and met with the Director and Lead Teacher, we will decide together if MMCH seems like a good fit for your family.  

Next, please fill out an Admissions packet (listed below) and return it at your earliest convenience along with a non-transferable, non-refundable enrollment fee of $50.00 made out to Maine Mountain Children’s House. 

Admissions Packet

Please read, print and fill out the following documents to enroll your child in our Primary program at Maine Mountain Children’s House and then return them at your earliest convenience.

Enrollment Season



3 Full Days: $4,600.00 per year or $460.00 per month

4 Full Days: $5,200.00 per year or $520.00 per month

5 Full Days: $5,665.00 per year or $566.50 per month

*Half-day options available. Please contact us for more information regarding alternate schedules.


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